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20th-Sep-2016 12:15 am - so long, and thanks for all the fish
the_primordium inverse

the_EXORDIUM 2016 works | the_PRIMORDIUM 2016 works
the_MICROCOSM 2016 works

We made it through another great round of the_EXORDIUM, and the successful introduction of the_PRIMORDIUM as well as an excellent turnout for our check-in alternative test run of the_MICROCOSM! Thank you so much to all the writers who joined us along the way, whether you ended up posting your story in the main collection or not. The challenge is in the journey, not necessarily in the outcome, and we hope that everyone who signed up was able to succeed personally in some way, whether in private or public.

For those who are still working on their stories, each challenge's Complementary Collection is available as a posting option, and you are welcome to contact the mods (email exoprimordium@gmail.com) for details. As long as the story is a) complete and b) a story you were planning on posting for the main challenge, it is eligible and will be tweeted/linked on the challenge tumblr.

Many things changed between this year and last year, and we as mods have learned even more throughout this process. In order to better evaluate the experience, we'd love to hear from you, writers, readers and betas/proofreaders alike, so we've created a simple Google feedback form. Please fill it out if you can!


You may now crosspost your stories. Please do keep in mind that your story for the_EXORDIUM/the_PRIMORDIUM is an official story authored completely by you, the writer, so if you choose to make edits to a crossposted version, it would be a good idea to also edit the original on ao3. Nothing about the collection is static, and you are welcome to edit your posted works at any time.

You are always welcome to contact the mods if you have any further questions, comments and/or concerns by emailing us at exoprimordium@gmail.com

Thank you, and good luck with all your other endeavours!
16th-Jan-2016 02:55 pm - PRIMORDIUM START!
the_primordium inverse
Welcome and thank you for joining us! We hereby announce the start of the official writing period!

This is also where we start thinking about the first optional check-in: the_MICROCOSM round 1! To participate, all you need to do is post a drabble/segment/writing snippet/dialogue/poem/other bit of related or unrelated writing to the round 1 collection by the end of 20 February SST (countdown). As per the rules, the only rule is that it must not be more than 500 words, everything else is fair game (any fandom, any type of writing). Please remember that it will be publicly revealed after the posting deadline closes.

If you are looking for a beta and have not already done so, please consult the beta/proofreader list and claim one!


01 Jan. sign-ups open
15 Jan. sign-ups close
16 Jan. start of official writing period
20 Feb. the_MICROCOSM round 1 (direct link to post)
19 Mar. the_MICROCOSM round 2
16 April the_MICROCOSM round 3
21 May the_MICROCOSM round 4
18 June the_MICROCOSM round 5
16 July end of official writing period headers must be posted to qualify
16 July start of revision period
31 July end of revision period complete fic must be posted unless an extension is granted
01 Aug. start of official posting period
TBA complementary collection reveal and end of official posting period
TBA thanks and close of challenge (cross-posting now allowed)

Please contact the mods with any questions and check the answered questions in case what you’re looking for is there.
the_primordium inverse

Welcome to Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM

the_PRIMORDIUM is a longfic challenge for kpop/jpop/cpop/rpf/animanga-centric fanfic, within a community of writers as we support each other over the finish line.

This is the sister challenge of the_EXORDIUM, and Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM will be running in parallel to Round 2 of the_EXORDIUM. The structure of this challenge has changed significantly from Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM, so please read this information even if you have already participated in Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM or know something about it.
There will be no teams for Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM, and the progress updates will be in the form of the_MICROCOSM, an optional but highly encouraged non-anonymous mini drabble event that will be held in lieu of check-ins, for an interactive experience.

DETAILSCollapse )

the_PRIMORDIUM is coming

A primordium (/praɪˈmɔːrdiːəm/; plural: primordia) in embryology, is defined as an organ or tissue in its earliest recognizable stage of development.

You all might remember the_EXORDIUM. A longfic challenge for EXO-centric fics, lots of fun and games and a great way to test our limits, see what we're capable of. But then we thought, why stop at EXO? There are lots of other great fandoms out there, and they need longfics too. So now we unveil, to the public, the_PRIMORDIUM, a sister challenge of the_EXORDIUM, both running in parallel, sign ups tentatively to open January 2016. Get your thinking caps on! All Kpop fandoms (including people who were once Kpop at one point) are applicable, as well as Jpop and Cpop etc. (though we understand that the latter two will likely have lower numbers).

What's a challenge without fine print, right? Dates are subject to change, extended rules will be released in the near future, comment on this post if you have questions (anon is on, screening is on) or tweet or dm @the_primordium or email primordiumchallenge@gmail.com or PM or ask.fm.
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