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the_EXORDIUM was the start. Now comes the beginning.

the_PRIMORDIUM is coming

A primordium (/praɪˈmɔːrdiːəm/; plural: primordia) in embryology, is defined as an organ or tissue in its earliest recognizable stage of development.

You all might remember the_EXORDIUM. A longfic challenge for EXO-centric fics, lots of fun and games and a great way to test our limits, see what we're capable of. But then we thought, why stop at EXO? There are lots of other great fandoms out there, and they need longfics too. So now we unveil, to the public, the_PRIMORDIUM, a sister challenge of the_EXORDIUM, both running in parallel, sign ups tentatively to open January 2016. Get your thinking caps on! All Kpop fandoms (including people who were once Kpop at one point) are applicable, as well as Jpop and Cpop etc. (though we understand that the latter two will likely have lower numbers).

What's a challenge without fine print, right? Dates are subject to change, extended rules will be released in the near future, comment on this post if you have questions (anon is on, screening is on) or tweet or dm @the_primordium or email or PM or
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