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Welcome and thank you for joining us! We hereby announce the start of the official writing period!

This is also where we start thinking about the first optional check-in: the_MICROCOSM round 1! To participate, all you need to do is post a drabble/segment/writing snippet/dialogue/poem/other bit of related or unrelated writing to the round 1 collection by the end of 20 February SST (countdown). As per the rules, the only rule is that it must not be more than 500 words, everything else is fair game (any fandom, any type of writing). Please remember that it will be publicly revealed after the posting deadline closes.

If you are looking for a beta and have not already done so, please consult the beta/proofreader list and claim one!


01 Jan. sign-ups open
15 Jan. sign-ups close
16 Jan. start of official writing period
20 Feb. the_MICROCOSM round 1 (direct link to post)
19 Mar. the_MICROCOSM round 2
16 April the_MICROCOSM round 3
21 May the_MICROCOSM round 4
18 June the_MICROCOSM round 5
16 July end of official writing period headers must be posted to qualify
16 July start of revision period
31 July end of revision period complete fic must be posted unless an extension is granted
01 Aug. start of official posting period
TBA complementary collection reveal and end of official posting period
TBA thanks and close of challenge (cross-posting now allowed)

Please contact the mods with any questions and check the answered questions in case what you’re looking for is there.
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