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so long, and thanks for all the fish

the_EXORDIUM 2016 works | the_PRIMORDIUM 2016 works
the_MICROCOSM 2016 works

We made it through another great round of the_EXORDIUM, and the successful introduction of the_PRIMORDIUM as well as an excellent turnout for our check-in alternative test run of the_MICROCOSM! Thank you so much to all the writers who joined us along the way, whether you ended up posting your story in the main collection or not. The challenge is in the journey, not necessarily in the outcome, and we hope that everyone who signed up was able to succeed personally in some way, whether in private or public.

For those who are still working on their stories, each challenge's Complementary Collection is available as a posting option, and you are welcome to contact the mods (email exoprimordium@gmail.com) for details. As long as the story is a) complete and b) a story you were planning on posting for the main challenge, it is eligible and will be tweeted/linked on the challenge tumblr.

Many things changed between this year and last year, and we as mods have learned even more throughout this process. In order to better evaluate the experience, we'd love to hear from you, writers, readers and betas/proofreaders alike, so we've created a simple Google feedback form. Please fill it out if you can!


You may now crosspost your stories. Please do keep in mind that your story for the_EXORDIUM/the_PRIMORDIUM is an official story authored completely by you, the writer, so if you choose to make edits to a crossposted version, it would be a good idea to also edit the original on ao3. Nothing about the collection is static, and you are welcome to edit your posted works at any time.

You are always welcome to contact the mods if you have any further questions, comments and/or concerns by emailing us at exoprimordium@gmail.com

Thank you, and good luck with all your other endeavours!
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