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Welcome to Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM

the_PRIMORDIUM is a longfic challenge for kpop/jpop/cpop/rpf/animanga-centric fanfic, within a community of writers as we support each other over the finish line.

This is the sister challenge of the_EXORDIUM, and Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM will be running in parallel to Round 2 of the_EXORDIUM. The structure of this challenge has changed significantly from Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM, so please read this information even if you have already participated in Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM or know something about it.
There will be no teams for Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM, and the progress updates will be in the form of the_MICROCOSM, an optional but highly encouraged non-anonymous mini drabble event that will be held in lieu of check-ins, for an interactive experience.


1 January 2016 sign-ups open
15 January 2016 sign-ups close
16 January 2016 start of official writing period
20 February 2016 the_MICROCOSM round 1
19 March 2016 the_MICROCOSM round 2
16 April 2016 the_MICROCOSM round 3
21 May 2016 the_MICROCOSM round 4
18 June 2016 the_MICROCOSM round 5
16 July 2016 end of official writing period headers must be posted to qualify
16 July 2016 start of revision period
31 July 2016 end of revision period complete fic must be posted unless an extension is granted via communication with the mods
1 August 2016 start of official posting period
TBA complementary collection reveal and end of official posting period
TBA thanks and close of challenge (cross-posting now allowed)


the_PRIMORDIUM is a challenge where, within a set writing period, a writer will write a story of at least 20 000 words by the end of the writing period. The fanfic has no plot-, character- or any other restrictions. The only rule is that it must feature at least one member of a kpop/jpop/cpop group or rpf character or animanga character as as a main character, i.e. part of the main relationship, or the centre of a centric fic.

You are allowed to use a fanfic that you have already started writing before the beginning of the writing period, however you must qualify within these following guidelines:

1. You must write no less than 20 000 words during the official writing period, regardless of the length of the story you bring to the challenge.
2. If your partially-finished work is unpublished, then there are no further restrictions.
3. If your partially-finished work is part of an au/series with previous stories, you must post these stories to ao3 within the series that you’ll be posting the_PRIMORDIUM fic you’re writing for this challenge, so that readers have easy accessibility to the fanfic(s) they’ll need to have read before they read your challenge fanfic. It’s highly unlikely, but if this is a continuation of the fanfic you posted for round 1 of the_EXORDIUM, you don’t need to do anything except make sure you put them together in a series on ao3.
4. If your partially-finished work is already posted somewhere, you are still allowed to use it for the_PRIMORDIUM, but you must not update it for the duration of the official writing period, you must write 20 000 words of new material during the writing period, and you must comply with the no crossposting (until the end of the posting period) rules inherent to the challenge, just like everyone else.
5. If you decide to use a fanfic written for an event/ficfest/exchange that posts during the official writing period, even if you’ve written the entire section during the official writing period, you must write 20 000 words of new material on top of what was written for the fanfic event in order for it to qualify for the_PRIMORDIUM.

There is no maximum word count limit, and you will sign up to participate in this challenge as a writer, not with a fanfic. Therefore, as long as each fanfic complies with the above rules and at least 20 000 words of each are written during the official writing period, you may write as many fanfics for the_PRIMORDIUM as you like.

There will be no blacklisting or punishment of writers who are not able to complete this challenge. This is a friendly event. If your story exceeds the minimum word count but it not yet complete, you will be able to speak with the mods about different options. If you do not meet the minimum word count of 20 000 words by the end of the challenge, or your fanfic ends up being complete but shorter than 20 000 words, there is a complementary collection on ao3 that you will be able to post your story to, and that will be promoted at the end of the posting period.


Sign ups will open on 1 January 2016. You can find the sign up form here. Participants sign up as writers rather than with a specific fic in mind, allowing for much flexibility. Check ins/progress updates will take the form of the_MICROCOSM (see below for details).


For Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM, writers sign up as writers and not with the fanfic they wish to write for the project. Therefore, there will be no progress updates, but rather a type of check-in alternative: a series of 5 rounds of the_MICROCOSM, deadlines on the Saturday of each month that falls on or directly after the 16th. Further information can be found at the_MICROCOSM and will also be provided to participants directly, but in short, the_MICROCOSM is a non-anonymous multifandom/original fic drabble challenge where the only rules are that:

1. the fic is posted to the correct subcollection for the round
2. the fic is posted by the deadline for that particular round
3. the fic is NOT longer than 500 words.
4. you do NOT need to be participating in either the_EXORDIUM and/or the_PRIMORDIUM to participate in the_MICROCOSM.
5. the fic may be a segment of the fic(s) you are writing for the_EXORDIUM and/or the_PRIMORDIUM or it may be be something completely different.


There is a beta/proofreader component to the_PRIMORDIUM. Beta/proofreader sign ups and claims will be ongoing throughout the challenge until the end of the revision period (31 July 2016)

If you wish to be a beta/proofreader, please fill out this form. As stated in the form, your name and email address will NOT be publicly visible to writers seeking potential beta/proofreaders.

If you are a writer who wishes to claim the services of a beta/proofreader, please consult the spreadsheet of candidates and then fill out this form.

Please contact the mods iwth any further questions/concerns.


By the official end of the writing period, at 23:55 PM SST on 16 July, all fanfics must have posted at least a header to the official collection. No exceptions will be granted, as there is plenty of time to post the header throughout the seven month writing period, and all story details can always be changed.

You must have written 20 000 words (new words if you’re using a previously started work) by 16 July 23:55 PM SST, however it is not necessary to have it posted to ao3 by the end of the writing period. Only the header is required, as stated above.


The period of time between 16 July and 31 July is the revision period where writers will have a chance to edit their stories, work with their proofreaders, and fix any formatting issues. By the end of the revision period, 31 July 23:55 PM SST, you must have your complete fanfic posted to ao3 (by editing the header you posted for the end of the official writing period). Any exceptions must be granted by contacting the mods directly.


Writers will post their completed challenge fics to the round 1 collection on ao3, so if you don’t have an ao3 account, please take this advance opportunity to request an invite or contact the mods to request an invite.

The story posted to AO3 belongs to you and you will have complete control over it. As soon it is revealed in the official posting period by the mods, you are welcome to link to it from anywhere you like (twitter, tumblr, LiveJournal, Dreamwidth, AFF, etc.). the_PRIMORDIUM is not an anonymous event. However, you may not repost the story in full elsewhere until the posting period for all challenge fanfics is completed. Failure to comply with this will result in a warning, and if you do not comply, your fic will be removed from the collection (please note that this does NOT mean that it will be deleted, merely that it will no longer be listed in the_PRIMORDIUM official collection, as well as being removed from the challenge twitter and masterlist. You will also be banned from further rounds of the_EXORDIUM, the_PRIMORDIUM and the_MICROCOSM.


As there were two fics during Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM that were posted in a serialized fashion over the course of the official posting period, we will be offering this option for Round 1 of the_PRIMORDIUM, however there are specific requirements that must be met to qualify for a serialized posting. (See below) These extra qualifications are reasonable and fair and no exceptions will be granted; there is always the option of posting the story as a complete one-shot.
Chapters will not be tweeted by the official twitter daily, but rather a chapter round up will be tweeted on the weekend, as there will again be no new fics revealed on weekends to allow readers some measure of time to catch up. If there are sufficient chaptered fics being serialized, we may consider tweeting a daily round up, however the mods reserve the right to extend or withdraw this option as numbers dictate. In addition, as each round up is tweeted, the previous week’s round up tweet will be deleted to avoid timeline clutter, eventually leaving each serialized fic with an introductory tweet and a tweet announcing its completion. There will only be the option of posting a new chapter of a serialized fic once a day for no longer than the duration of official postings. No other enumeration will be considered, however the writer may choose whether to post on the weekend or not, as well as being able to double up chapters if necessary to fit within the duration of the official posting period.

[Serialization Requirements]
Serialization Requirements

To qualify to post as a serialized work, the fanfic must be no less than 75% complete and drafted not posted (apart from chapter one) by the official end of the writing period, at 23:55 PM SST on July 16th. Since the mods can only see posted works, not drafted ones, but there’s no way to manually reveal chapters of a posted work, the writer must make exoprimordium a co-writer of the fanfic. (As soon as the fic is 100% finished being posted/revealed, we will remove this account as a writer; it is in no way permanent but only to enable the mods to a) see that a sufficient amount of the fanfic has been completed b) be able to post chapters from drafts in the event of an emergency, as there will be a fixed posting schedule.) Please contact the mods with any futher questions/concerns.

Fics posted as oneshots will be announced on twitter when they are revealed, as well as being highlighted again during the weekend round ups. For any further questions/concerns, please contact the mods.


Beginning on 1 August, stories in the official collection will be revealed by the mods on weekdays, with links posted to Twitter and Tumblr daily and an official masterlist on the_PRIMORDIUM will be updated. There will be no revealing of new fanfics on weekends apart from chapters of serialized fics if relevant. Unlike Round 1 of the_EXORDIUM, no headers will be posted to the_PRIMORDIUM as we feel that writers and readers are now more familiar and comfortable with ao3 and it would be nice to consolidate comments in one place.

We’d like to remind participants that the_PRIMORDIUM is not anonymous and as soon as a fanfic has been revealed in the collection by the mods, they are entirely permitted to link to the fanfic from anywhere they like (twitter, tumblr, lj, dw, aff). The only restriction is that the full body of text is not allowed to be crossposted outside of ao3 until the official end of postings, date to be announced at the beginning of postings (due to the fact that we won’t have an idea of the schedule until submissions are finalized). Failure to comply will result in a warning and, if the breach of protocol is not remedied, a permanent ban.


You are strongly encouraged to contact the mods with any further questions and concerns. All official communication will be delivered via email and posts on the_PRIMORDIUM, as well as being linked on @the_primordium and tumblr.

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